Medical cannabis support for your practice

Wayfare's nursing-based approach allows you to authorize with confidence and maintain oversight of patients who opt for cannabis treatment.

Practice your way

Choose any combination of services. We integrate seamlessly into your flow.



We'll take a medical history, leverage clinical tools (GAD-7, PHQ-9, BPI, etc.), check for contra-indications and interactions, and provide a treatment plan for your consideration.



Submit prescriptions electronically, or have our HCPs authorize patients when/if required. Our team has several years' experience with medical applications of cannabis.



Our nurses educate patients on safety, dosing, product forms, and other topics.



Patients are monitored throughout titration, and all charts are sent to you.

Give your patients choice

No single licensed producer will be able to service the diversity of needs and treatment goals of your panel. And patient responses are highly individualistic.

Wayfare is selective in choosing the licensed producers we partner with, evaluating security of supply, contribution to medical research, and other factors.

However patients are free to choose from the over 100 licensed producers available in Canada.

Wayfare has been a big help to me and my patients, and I appreciate their professionalism. I'm glad I no longer have to refer out.
Dr Patrick B.


Learn the basics of medical cannabis

Here is an excellent summary of the research and use of medical cannabis in clinical practice, from the European Journal of Internal Medicine (EJIM).

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