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Am I a candidate for medical cannabis?

Many people are finding cannabis helps with pain, sleep issues, anxiety and other conditions, but there are some things to watch for. Try our quiz to find out. It's quick, and completely anonymous.


Do I need a prescription or referral from my doctor?

No. If you have one, great: we help lots of patients work with their own doctors. But if your doctor isn't ready to support you with medical cannabis, we have our own team of physicians and nurse practitioners who can provide a prescription.


Can you work with my own doctor?

Absolutely, we do it all the time. We can provide you with pre-filled forms to take to them, and we will send them detailed reports as your treatment progresses. Even if it is our team who ends up providing your prescription, we can still share our reports with your doctor if you like, so they are in the know.


Do I have to come in to a clinic?

No. We make house calls, and we can help by phone and video too.


How will I know what to take?

Our healthcare team will develop a detailed treatment plan with specific product recommendations and a dosing schedule. Your nurse will check up on you regularly as you progress toward your goal.


How do I book an appointment?

Book using the button below, or call during business hours: 1-833-537-6665.


How much does medical cannabis cost?

On average, patients are spending $120 per month on their cannabis products. Most major insurance companies offer coverage, however your employer may not have added it to their policy. Check with your benefits provider. Cannabis is an eligible expense under many health spending accounts, and veterans are covered under Medavie Blue Cross. At this time, no provincial health plans are covering medical cannabis. When purchased from a licensed producer under a prescription, cannabis is fully tax-deductible as a medical expense. Purchases from a cannabis store are not considered a medical expense for insurance or tax purposes.


How much does your service cost?

$199, one-time. This is usually fully covered by private insurance and health spending accounts, similar to massage or physiotherapy. We direct bill Medavie Blue Cross for veterans.

The service includes:

  • 1 hour home or telemedicine visit from a nurse
  • Prescription
  • Detailed treatment plan with product recommendations
  • Frequent check-up calls from your nurse as you progress toward your goal
  • Unlimited support

Do you deliver cannabis?

Not at this time. Medical cannabis must be ordered  from a licensed producer (on-line or by phone) and is shipped right to your home, often overnight.


Can't I just buy it at a store?

Yes, you can, but keep the following in mind:

  • You won't be able to claim it as a medical expense at tax time or for insurance.
  • You won't get any health advice from a medical professional.
  • You may have certain health conditions or be on certain medications that require careful supervision when using cannabis.
  • You may waste money on products that aren't appropriate for you.
  • You may find your optimum product is not always available.
  • A medical prescription provides additional rights and privileges, such as workplace accommodation, tenant rights, and—depending on local laws—consumption in public spaces.

Can I pick it up from the pharmacy?

Not at this time. Medical cannabis must be ordered from a licensed producer (on-line or by phone) and is shipped right to your home, often overnight. Even though Shoppers Drug Mart offers medical cannabis, it is on-line/by phone only and shipped to your home.


What is medical cannabis?

"Medical cannabis" (sometimes referred to as "medical marijuana"), can be thought of as products derived from the cannabis plant that are used to provide relief from symptoms of a wide variety of ailments. It's the intent of use that separates medical cannabis from recreational cannabis. Often, the same products can be obtained from both medical sources and recreational dispensaries.


What is medical cannabis used for?

Medical cannabis is used to provide symptomatic relief from a wide variety of conditions, such as:

  • pain
  • anxiety
  • sleep disturbance
  • nausea and vomiting
  • MS
  • ALS
  • and others

Will it make me "high"?

When used therapeutically, our goal is to achieve symptom relief without intoxication. Larger doses of THC-rich products can result in intoxication, but we are monitoring for that and adjusting as required. CBD by itself does not cause intoxication.


Do I have to smoke it?

Absolutely not, and we don't recommend it. There are gel capsules, oils, sprays, and other products available. If dried flower is your preferred format we recommend use of an electronic vaporizer to reduce the negative effects of smoking.


What kinds of products are available?

Medical cannabis comes in a variety of formats, including:

  • oil
  • gel capsules
  • oral sprays
  • topical creams
  • edibles and drinks
  • vape pens
  • dried flower

How does it work?

Chemicals called cannabinoids (e.g. THC and CBD) in the cannabis plant interact with the body's own endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in regulating bodily functions such as sleep, appetite, pain and inflammation. The body also produces its own cannabinoids. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body.


Is it safe?

Compared with many common medications, cannabis is very safe, having few side effects (if any) and being far less addictive. However it can cause complications with certain medical conditions, and it does interact with a few medications. That is why we recommend medical supervision.


Can I drive while using cannabis?

Driving while intoxicated, whether from cannabis, alcohol, or other medications, is strictly prohibited. Whether or not your dose has resulted in intoxication depends on a number of factors, including when you took it, what format, what amount of THC was in it, whether it was on an empty stomach, and how cannabis normally affects you. CBD is non-intoxicating. The simple advice is "don't drive high".

If you are pulled over and suspected of intoxication, you will likely be given a field sobriety test (walk in a straight line, touch your nose, etc.).


Can I travel with my cannabis?

Within Canada, yes. It's best to keep your product in its original packaging when doing so. Do not try to bring cannabis into or out of the country, and do not ship it.

If you are planning to travel, it may be possible to legally access cannabis at your destination. Contact us for advice on what kind of product to specify when you are buying cannabis in another state or country where it is legal.


How do I prove I'm a medical cannabis patient?

When you purchase from a licensed producer (not at a store), your receipt is proof that you have a prescription.


What if I'm asked about cannabis at the border?

For decades, US border patrol agents have been able to ask you if you ever used drugs or smoked marijuana, and answering yes can result in being denied admission and a lifetime ban. If this happens, you can apply for a waiver but it costs money and has to be renewed every year or so. This situation has not changed since legalization in Canada.

In the unlikely event that you are asked about cannabis or marijuana use, and you feel uncomfortable answering, remember that you can always withdraw your application for entry into the US.


Can I use medical cannabis at work?

It is always best to check with your employer. They have a duty to accommodate you for medical conditions, but they also may require that you are fit for duty (not intoxicated), especially for safety-sensitive positions. Your employer will require proof that you are prescribed cannabis for a medical condition, so regular cannabis store receipts will not be sufficient.


Can I use medical cannabis in public?

Yes, so long as you have a prescription and are abiding by any applicable smoking bylaws. Recreational users of cannabis are not permitted to consume in public, similar to alcohol.


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