Travelling with cannabis

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(Information on travelling provided by the Government of Canada can be found here: Cannabis and the border)

You are legally allowed to bring your medical cannabis with you while travelling within Canada. If you plan to carry or pack more than 30g (the recreational limit), keep your product in its original packaging, as it will have your name on it which will be proof of legal possession above the recreational limit.

But what if you’re going outside of Canada?

You can’t take your cannabis with you—but here are some helpful tips.

First, check this handy source to see whether cannabis has been legalized in the place you are going. If it has, then you’re halfway there.

Has it been legalized for medical use only? You may be able to see a local doctor and get a prescription. There could be fees involved for non-citizens, as well as restrictions on prescribing to non-citizens. Best to ask before you go. Take a picture of the label of what you’re using. It will help with matching a similar product.

If it’s legalized for recreational use, then things will be a little easier. Again, take a picture of the label to help with matching.

There are very different products available in different places, and it can be confusing and potentially unsafe. For example, there are some edibles (chocolate, etc.) that have very high amounts of THC, which could be intoxicating and compound the effect of other medications you are using.


And, because these products are different, it’s a good idea to go back to the beginning: start low for 2-3 days and only increase in small amounts until you find relief again.

One last thing: do not try to bring any cannabis products home with you.

Safe travels!